These Slave-Made Items Won’t be Imported in the U.S. Anymore

Source: You Won’t Be Able To Get These Slave-Made Items In The U.S. Anymore

The ban on importation of goods with the most child and forced labor listings, according to the DOL, are cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, cattle and fish. The list also includes items like alcoholic beverages and leather.

DHAKA, BANGLADESH – FEBRUARY 09 : Child labors collect coal from dust near brick making field in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 09, 2016. Despite of the hazardous effect of dust on health, child labor collect coal and sell it around $4 per a week to help their family budget. Child labor in Bangladesh is around 30.1%. Bangladesh adopted the National Child Labor Elimination Policy at 2010, providing a framework to eradicate all forms of child labor by 2015, but according to the International Labor Organization there are still around 3.2 million child labors in Bangladesh. (Photo by Zakir Hossain Chowdhury/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)



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