Court says No to FCC’s attempt to lower cost of prison phone calls

Rate caps halted by judicial stay for the second time this month.

Source: Court stops FCC’s latest attempt to lower prison phone rates

151022-inmate-prison-phone-mbm_17bbb883b60ba10b2b4852e7219b8422.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Prison phone companies have convinced a court to halt new rate caps on inmate calling for the second time this month.  The first stay was issued March 7 and prevented the FCC from implementing new rate caps of 11¢ to 22¢ per minute on both interstate and intrastate calls from prisons. But the stay—which remains in place while the prison phone companies’ lawsuit against the FCC is still pending—did not disturb an earlier “interim” cap of 21¢ to 25¢ per minute that applied only to interstate calls, those that cross state lines. The order also didn’t specifically object to the FCC changing its definition of “inmate calling service” to include both interstate and intrastate calls.


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