Can Ripped Off Students Sue For-Profit Colleges?

Unlike traditional universities, many for-profit colleges insert language into enrollment documents that prevents students from taking disputes to court.

Source: Students Ripped Off By For-Profit Colleges Discover They Can’t Sue

Jacob was promised a lot by UEI College, a for-profit technical school in California. They told him he’d get hands-on training, a qualified faculty, state-of-the art technology, and preparation for the certification exam he’d need to get a job as a computer technician — his chance, Jacob thought, to get out of a menial warehouse job and into a real career.

Instead, Jacob said, he found a classroom with donated computers so old that some didn’t turn on and others lacked even power cords. The textbooks were outdated, written for an old version of the exam. The instructor, by his own admission, had barely any experience. After Jacob graduated, he kept on working in the warehouse, woefully unprepared for the exam he needed to get a job. Little had changed, except now he was $16,000 in debt.


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