Prison Phone Company Recorded Attorney-Client Calls

Prison phone company Securus Technologies may no longer be a secure investment. Securus, owned by private equity firm Abry Partners, had its cloud storage system hacked recently.

Source: Secret ‘recordings’ could be last straw for prison phone company

Bryan Byrne, who has done consulting work for Securus and owns Mesh Detect, a maker of cellular phones for prisoners, said the question arising from the hack is whether it is the fault of the prisons or Securus.

Under normal procedures, prisoners give their warden a list of about 10 names and numbers. They are allowed to call the people on the list.  If a lawyer is on the list and is called, the recording system should be turned off, Byrne said.  “If they have a system problem, that’s huge,” he added.

Byrne said Securus put itself at greater risk about a decade ago when it moved hard drives and recording devices at each facility to centralized cloud-data collection.  “Your exposure is limited when it is localized,” Byrne said. “Why did they move to a centralized database? Cost and efficiency.”


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