Recording of Atty-Client Calls Alleged Against Prison Phone Co.

Securus Technologies Inc. was hit with a proposed class action in California federal court Friday accusing the prison phone telephone service provider of recording privileged calls between inmates and their lawyers, despite promises and legal obligations not to do so.

Source: Prison Phone Co. Accused Of Recording Atty-Client Calls – Law360

Inmates are entitled to privacy on those calls, especially when talking with their lawyers.   “Securus knew these calls were being recorded unlawfully and covered it up by suppressing and concealing the true facts,” arguing Securus was obligated to disclose the call-recording. “Instead, Securus actively concealed, suppressed, omitted, and failed to disclose these true facts concerning the recording, storage, and security of private, confidential, and privileged attorney-client phone calls with the intent to induce plaintiffs to continue to purchase Securus’ communications services.”


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