DeVry Goes to Court Try to Stop Class Action Arbitration; Heads DeVry University Wins, Tails DeVry Students Lose?

Source: Twist: DeVry Goes to Court To Stop Students From Bringing Arbitration

For-profit DeVry, which announced last month that it was dropping mandatory arbitration clauses, reached out to David Halperin and answered these questions:

“Has committed to “eliminate the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in its students’ enrollment agreements.” Will mandatory arbitration also be removed from the school catalogue — Yes, completed.

Will impose any other restrictions on students’ legal rights, such as the right to a jury trial, mass action, or class action, or requiring an internal appeal before suing? – No.

Will support a federal regulation barring all Title IV recipients from forcing students into arbitration for disputes? – We made a decision consistent with our past practices and in line with our values for student care. We generally are not opposed to such language, but of course, would need to see the rule before making that decision.

Is planning other reforms to improve outcomes for students and accountability for the institution? – We are committed to continuous improvement in our services and the outcomes of our students. We launch numerous initiatives each year along these lines. In the area of accountability reform, we think we have led this discussion with many audiences in the last 7 years and envision continuing to do so going forward.

Does the commitment apply to all of your past and current students, or just enrollees going forward? – All”


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