$59M for whistleblower in Medicaid fraud suit against Pfizer

How much does it pay to sue Big Pharma? In the case of one serial whistleblower, $59 million. Louisiana doctor William LaCorte is set to collect a boatload of cash after filing a whistleblower suit against Pfizer over its heartburn med Protonix, which recently resulted in $784 million settlement.

Source: Pfizer whistleblowers set to collect $59M in Medicaid fraud suit | FiercePharma

20130612_whistleblowerThe windfall from the latest fraud suit brings LaCorte’s total payout from fraud settlements to almost $100 million, The Financial Times reports. LaCorte will share the rewards with a former AstraZeneca ($AZN) sales rep, Lauren Kieff, who also filed a whistleblower suit against Pfizer. The company said this week that it would shell out $784 million to settle claims that its Wyeth unit overcharged Medicaid for Protonix.

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