Prison Callers Oppose Motion To Dismiss Unlawful Recording Suit

Callers accusing prison telephone service provider Securus Technologies Inc. of recording privileged calls between inmates and their lawyers, against promises and legal obligations to not do so, asked a California federal court Monday to keep their proposed class action alive, saying they were harmed enough to sue.

Source: Prison Callers Defend Atty Call Recording Suit – Law360

connection_theintercept_1439Responding to Securus’ move to toss the case for lack of standing, former San Diego County detention facility inmates Juan Romero and Frank Tiscareno, alongside criminal defense attorney Kenneth Elliott, maintained that they experienced a concrete injury when the provider allegedly archived their conversations, saying higher courts have long ruled in favor of full and frank communication between attorneys and their clients.

“Anything that creates uncertainty and confusion or otherwise impedes an attorney’s ability to timely, fully, and frankly communicate with his or her client, injures and harms not only the client, but also the attorney and his or her ability to effectively practice his or her profession, earn a livelihood, and protect his or her professional reputation,” the callers said in their response brief.


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