When Securus decided not to warn lawyers that their phone calls could be recorded, it chose greed over justice, and now convictions are in jeopardy.

Attorneys representing former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s murder appeal are concerned about revelations that his jailhouse phone calls were improperly monitored by an unknown person — calling the security breach possible grounds for filing a motion for a new trial.

Source: Phonetap could mean new trial for Hernandez

Securus told the Suffolk sheriff that “they had resolved the issue,” he added.

The Suffolk Sheriff’s Department did not tell prosecutors in either Suffolk or Bristol counties about it, according to spokesmen for both offices. It also did not tell Hernandez’s new defense team, prompting Sullivan to tell the Herald that the former tight end’s attorneys “will look into the matter further.”

Suffolk Sheriff’s Superintendent-in-Chief Michael Harris said in a statement that after Securus remedied the breach, the department “concluded that nothing discovered as a result of this breach necessitated that the Sheriff’s Department should notify the District Attorney.”


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