Oscars 2017: On the Red Carpet with Julia Ormond talking about the purpose that motivates her: fighting forced labor and human trafficking.

ormondThis year — in a departure from the typical “what are you wearing?” awards coverage — PwC plans to highlight the causes that matter to celebrities ranging from Hamilton’s Brandon Victor Dixon to Julia Ormond (“Legends of the Fall,” “Mad Men,” “Witches of East End”).

Source: Oscars 2017: Purpose on the Red Carpet with Julia Ormond and PwC

Actress Julia Ormond started Asset in 2007 to combat the spread of human trafficking.

“We are trying to shift the conversation from the negative language of “slavery” to a conversation about freedom, and I think the greatest articulation of this is “social impact.” Social impact to me is our equivalent of “organic” versus “pesticide-free.” I think that, as a movement, we’re presenting business with a huge stumbling block when we talk about slavery instead of social impact.

On the other hand, we need businesses to commit to investigating their own supply chains, implementing best practices and sharing successes. But we need people to sign up for 100 percent social impact, meaning zero slavery. If that can happen, I think we can all have a different conversation, built on common ground and a better understanding of each other’s needs. But we need to know businesses are putting solid resources behind this effort, instead of getting their to wet and stopping there”


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