A potentially hazardous chemical, found in firefighting foam, has been discovered in the water on Whidbey Island; homeowners worry about longlasting harm and diminution in property values.

Source: Whidbey Island drinking-water wells polluted with firefighting chemicals near Navy airstrips

The most serious contamination was found at an Oak Harbor residence near Ault Field, the base’s main airstrip. The well that supplies that home with drinking water is contaminated with one PFAS chemical at more than 35 times the EPA guideline, according to Navy-contracted test results.

Near the Coupeville airstrip, the Navy testing found at least seven wells that had levels that exceeded the EPA guideline, which is set to protect someone who drinks the water through the course of their lifetime. The wells that tested above the EPA guideline ranged from nearly twice the recommended threshold to more than nine times greater, according to test results released in February.  The Navy tests also detected a PFAS chemical in one of four Coupeville wells that collectively deliver water to more than 1,000 residences and businesses.


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