Children’s Exposure to PFAS Chemicals Begins in the Womb | EWG

There is group of Americans threatened by PFAS chemicals – and they haven’t yet been born.  

In 2005 and 2009, laboratory tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group,
Commonweal and Rachel’s Network found PFOA, PFOS and other PFAS chemicals in the umbilical cord samples from 20 babies born in the U.S.

These tests exposed the shocking truth that American babies are born pre-polluted with PFAS and other toxic chemicals, which can pass from mothers to fetuses through the umbilical cord. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly all
Americans have PFOA or PFOS in their blood.

PFOA, once used to make DuPont’s Teflon, and PFOS, formerly an ingredient in 3M’s Scotchgard, have been linked through extensive research to cancer, kidney disease and weakened childhood immunity.

With the analytical capabilities of the time, the laboratory detected the presence of 10 different PFAS chemicals in the umbilical cord samples. On average, five PFAS compounds were in each sample, and two babies had nine PFAS chemicals in their cord blood.
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