EWG News Roundup (1/25): Bipartisan Reps Form PFAS Task Force and More | EWG

PFAS Bipartisan Congressional Task Force

Detroit News: Kildee, House lawmakers launching PFAS task force

An estimated 16 million people in 33 states and Puerto Rico have PFAS-contaminated tap water, according to research by Northeastern University and the Environmental Working Group. 

NPR StateImpact (Pennsylvania): Pa. might set maximum limits on a toxic chemical in drinking water. Some ask: What’s there to decide?

Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit that advocates for tighter PFAS rules, said the new group shows that the issue transcends partisan politics. “It’s time for Congress to stop new PFAS chemicals from going on the market, require monitoring to determine the extent of the current crisis, and make the investments necessary to clean up the mess,” the group said.

NBC6: WTAP (Parkersburg, W.Va.): UPDATE: Congressional task force to study PFAS

The Environmental Working Group, an organization also interested in the issue, believes more people than reported are affected by the chemicals. “We think that number is closer to 110 million Americans that have some kind of PFAS chemical in their drinking water,” says Melanie Benesh, Legislative Attorney for the EWG. “It does go beyond the C8 or PFOS from the first generation of these chemicals.”

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