Pacific Gas and Electric admits its equipment likely sparked California’s most destructive wildfire – Los Angeles Times

Pacific Gas and Electric said it’s “probable” that its equipment caused the Camp fire, which destroyed thousands of homes in Paradise and killed 85 people.

At least 20 lawsuits have been filed against the utility accusing it of allowing its equipment to spark the blaze that displaced 50,000 people in Butte County. The plaintiffs argue that the utility didn’t properly maintain power lines around where the fire started and said it had a terrible safety record.

“It’s about time they’ve come to the table and admitted what everyone has known for a long time. It’s always been PG&E’s M.O. to delay any admissions,” said attorney Joseph Cotchett, whose firm Cotchette, Pitre and McCarthy represents more than 1,000 victims in Northern California from all the PG&E-related fires. “It’s one more example of profits over safety. Something has to be done to either break up PG&E and or put a public utilities commission in place that is truly going to protect the public. So many people have innocently died because of the lack of safety precautions taken by this utility. It goes back years.
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