Lawyers’ “Billing Judgment … Demonstrates an Extraordinary Dedication to Containment of Cost …” –

“… and renews this court’s faith in conscientious billing practices.”

With a few exceptions as noted above, the court finds that the requested fees are reasonable and certainly, there is no “padding” of billable hours by counsel. Counsel themselves did not bill for all the work performed in this case. For example, J. Christian Adams of the Election Law Center did not bill for at least 73 hours of work. In addition, Adams billed in real time, instead of billing by every tenth or fifteenth of the hour, which is rare for this court to see. Michael E. Rosman and his team from the Center for Individual Rights did not bill for approximately 210 hours. Douglas R. Cox and his team from the law firm of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher billed for only $ 215,489.75, a more than 50% discount from the full billable amount of $ 468,368.23. Park himself billed for a little over two weeks’ worth of work for a case that lasted for over five years. Reasonable billing judgments were exercised by all of Plaintiff’s counsel. The court also notes that counsel could have asked for a lodestar upward adjustment but declined to do so.
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