What’s in a Weed Vape? Not Even Nobel-Winning Chemists Know – Bloomberg

The vaping health crisis sweeping the U.S. is highlighting how little scientists and health officials know about the marijuana being consumed on a daily basis by millions of Americans.

“The crazy thing that’s totally frustrating is if one of our Nobel-winning chemists wanted to look at some of these counterfeit vaping products to try and figure out what’s causing these problems, they can’t do it,” said Hutchison, a professor in the department of psychology and neuroscience and co-director of the university’s CUChange institute.

To date, there has never been a study on vaping cannabis, according to Jeff Chen, who runs a marijuana research institute at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA has a machine capable of testing cannabis oil, but the pot stores near campus are off limits because of federal rules, he said.
— Read on www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-26/even-nobel-winning-chemists-don-t-know-what-s-in-your-weed-vape

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