Here’s how online privacy is possible – The Washington Post

We won’t regain our privacy if we leave it up to individuals. If we’re going to survive the age of surveillance, we’re going to need help.

That starts with laws. Privacy isn’t just an individual right. It’s a public good that, when done right, keeps everyone safe, whether they’re paying attention or not. This ought to be obvious: Our data shouldn’t have a secret life.
America doesn’t have a broad privacy law, like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. But after years of U.S. lawmakers just talking about data, we’re starting to see some action. So far, that has come mostly in the form of regulatory fines. We should demand laws that not only require companies to come clean about what they’re taking but also place some limits on it.

Starting in January, California will bring us closer to a general data law with its new California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA. It treats our data like we own it, and gives California residents new powers to demand that companies show us what they’ve collected and who they share it with. It might force some (but not all) of the companies I investigated in my privacy project to open up.
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