Senate Votes To Overturn Betsy DeVos Decision To Withhold Debt Relief From Defrauded Students

Using the Congressional Review Act, the Senate has joined the House of Representatives to stop Secretary DeVos from implementing a new rule she has put into place.

According to Miller, “the formula makes it mathematically impossible for borrowers from one third of programs to have any shot at full forgiveness.” That’s because the formula used flawed statistics that would require borrowers to have negative earnings to receive full relief. Based on Webber’s analysis of the Department’s data, a dental assistant would have to have attended a program where the median graduate earned less that $5,468.27 to have all of their loans discharged. And that’s just the beginning. This likely built on the opposition to DeVos’s proposed rule. 

Opponents of the rule spoke up and Congress took the rare move to use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the rule. Championed by Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV), the House passed a resolution to overturn the rule in January and sent the resolution to the Senate. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has long led the fight against for-profit colleges that defrauded students and sponsored the resolution in the Senate. 

While both are Democrats, the Senate proved today that protecting defrauded students is a bipartisan issue with many Republican Senators joining to overturn the rule. More than 85 groups—including nine veterans’ groups like the American Legion—opposed this rule. President Trump has previously said he would veto the resolution, but that was before Republicans voted for it. Last night, his Office of Management and Budget released a statementthat his advisors would recommend vetoing the resolution.
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