Switzerland: Responsible Business Initiative rejected at ballot box despite gaining 50.7% of popular vote – Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

On 29 November, the Responsible Business Initiative was narrowly rejected. While the initiative received 50.7% of the popular vote, it only gained 8.5 of the required 12 regional majorities across Switzerland’s cantons. A majority of both the popular vote and cantonal vote is needed for an initiative to pass. The reporting-centred proposal without liability rules adopted by the Parliament now automatically enters into force in 2021. The organisers of the civil society initiative expressed their disappointment but nevertheless see strengthened support for their cause.
— Read on www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/swiss-due-diligence-initiative-set-for-public-referendum-as-parliament-only-opts-for-reporting-centred-proposal/


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