$50,000 in sanctions requested in MLB class action

The motion requests $50,000 against an objector and his New York counsel. But it is really aimed at a Texas lawyer who is the scourge of class action counsel.

Source: Infamous objectors’ counsel targeted in sanctions motion in MLB class action

class-actionWhy the extreme tactic of moving for sanctions against a firm that has already quit the case? Because Samuel & Stein isn’t the true target of Langer Grogan’s motion. That distinction belongs to Christopher Bandas, the Corpus Christi, Texas, lawyer who is one of the most prolific – and reviled – class action objectors’ counsel in the country. From California to New York, class action lawyers have persuaded federal judges that Bandas represents objectors not in order to improve settlement terms but to force plaintiffs’ lawyers to pay him to drop appeals blocking final case resolutions.


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